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Friday, March 11


We're thrilled to announce our 2022 Educators Rising State Conference Hosted by ULL! 

REGISTER HERE! Registration is $15 per one aspiring Louisiana Educator and free for one organization sponsor per group. The deadline to register is Friday, March 4, 2022. This includes lunch, 3 keynote sessions, poster presentations, interactive speaking sessions, and an optional campus tour!

You will also have the option to attend competitions that will include Louisiana middle, high school, and collegiate aspiring educators. The topics for these competitions are 1) Educators Rising Moment, 2) Creative Lecture, 3) Public Speaking, 4) Impromptu Speaking, and 5) Job Interview.

Please email micahbruce-davis@louisiana.eduk-lynn.mckey@louisiana.edu, or aimee.barber@louisiana.edu if you have questions or need assistance with the call for proposals.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2022 Educators Rising State Conference on Friday, March 11, 2022 in Lafayette, Louisiana!



Educators Rising Louisiana follows all guidelines set forth by Educators Rising.  Read more about competitions to get an idea of what to expect by clicking below.   
For any competition not offered at our state conference, regional placings can serve as a qualifier for nationals.  Students do NOT need a regional competition to compete at state.




The purpose of the Educators Rising Moment Competition is to provide students at the Educators Rising National Conference opportunities to articulate why they aim to pursue a career in education.


Self-composure, confidence, and the ability to clearly articulate and communicate information are valuable skills for all educators. The Public Speaking Competition is designed to highlight students who demonstrate these qualities by combining thoughtful preparation and confident delivery into an interesting presentation on a current education topic.

Students participating in this competition will compose and deliver a speech of approximately 400 to 600 words (three to five minutes when spoken aloud) on the assigned topic. Contestants will be delivering their speech in front of on-site judges.


Storytelling and effective oral communication skills are vital qualities for professional success. Captivating an audience and sustaining their attention and wonder with a compelling topic remains one of the most valuable abilities in an increasingly networked society. 

In 2020, the Creative Lecture Competition will offer ambitious, fearless, bold-thinking students a platform for sharing their ideas in a format that has been embraced by intellectual society. The topic for the 2020 Creative Lecture Competition is TRAUMA INFORMED CARE.


In this competition, the Educators Rising school program must debate an ethical education-related dilemma. This competition requires students to think deeply about an ethical issue, employ critical-thinking skills, and use persuasive communication techniques to collaboratively debate an ethical dilemma.

To participate, each member of the school program must first thoroughly consider the ethical issue and begin to form an individual position on the topic. Then the students must debate the topic together, listening carefully to each other’s opinions. Through the discussion, the students must come to a consensus on the topic and then prepare a 10- minute live presentation stating their team’s view.

The students must work together to develop the live, 10-minute presentation and then select at least two and no more than four students from the school to present the group’s opinion and how it was reached to a panel of judges at the National Conference.


Planning, preparing, and delivering effective instruction is the heart of the work of all educators. This competition challenges young educators to plan and deliver a lesson of their choosing to an actual classroom of students.

Self-reflection following the lesson is an essential component of this competition; a clear-eyed evaluation of what you’ve done is the best way to learn and make wise choices in the future.


Poise, self-confidence, and the ability to use effective oral communication skills while under pressure are valuable qualities of all educators.

This competition is designed to recognize students who demonstrate these qualities by combining clear thinking and conversational speaking into a coherent presentation on a current education-related topic.